Recipe For Math Wizardry

A big hooray to Laura R for her amazing blog! Best recipe and teacher ever!

The Learning Wizard

“What is the point of trying?” “I just don’t get Math!” “I don’t do Math!” “I am not a Math person.” “Can I work on something else instead?”  These are all comments that frequently come out of HS students’ mouths who have not yet had their mind spell broken to conceptualize Math in a comprehensible manner.  So how does one break that spell?  Read on and you will find the Spell Breaker Recipe….

Spell Breaker Recipe for Learning Math


One student’s brain which has closed off to Math

One teacher’s willingness to discover the turn-on switch

Simple Math Fluency and Math Computations skill sheets

Topic being studied in class with independent assignment

A pinch of willingness

1 cup of humor

          ½ cup spell breaking chemicals


Step 1:  Sit down with student and find out what they know how to do.  Work together Math problems that involve…

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