“An intro to Teaching in 2017”: Multiple Intelligences in the classroom

It is not a coincidence that technology has advanced at the same quick pace that teaching styles has been changing in the last decade; I am writing this blog as a real proof of that. But technology is not the only thing that has changed. Nowadays, we have the opportunity to see our students in a more holistic way by using the multiple intelligences approach. Before, classrooms were predominantly lead by teachers who lectured and did’t allow participation or even inquiring. In present times, we even have a whole research about teaching students to become inquirers, where they have the freedom of asking questions about their own interests. But what are multiple intelligences? Continue reading


An intro to my “One size fits all” story

“When I was in elementary school, I was the one who would finished everything and would wait for more work. I was the one raising my hand and sitting in the front row. Things were not different in high school; however, I started disliking school, which has never happened before. I became also really anxious and started experiencing deficit of attention. I would find excuses to stand up or to get distracted. Even though I was the smartest in my class, I was always called out by teachers and administration. For many years I wonder why I had always the feeling that school was leaving me out, like if I was trying to get to a V.I.P section at the airport where I was not welcomed. Many years later, I realized that I was not the problem, but the consequence of a bigger one. I don’t remember my teachers standing up to explain things or giving me extra assignments, neither I remember doing labs for Chemistry or Biology.  I was failing my grades, but really the system was failing on me, the system was taking from me the desire for learning.”  Continue reading