“ICP, Physics, Waves, and Electromagnetic Spectrum! This sounds like fun!” says no one

Right?!?!?!? It is not often that we hear students celebrating about sciences, writing, or the French Revolution. However, we can create activities that will bridge the gap between learning and teaching. The word fun and classroom do not belong together most of the time. Did we know that we were learning economics, math, and social studies when playing Monopoly? So how can we bring monopoly to our classroom?

Well, I observed a Physics class and I left the classroom even more confused than when I entered it. Waves and electromagnetic spectrum are not the most interesting topics on the curriculum. I sat and thought about ways to come up with a better way to understand this. So, I realized that the problem was that I couldnt read the information from the screen. I needed it something more tangible for me to understand. This is the result:

So I shared this activity with the Science team and the feedback was great. They let students walk around and participate by teams, even they used a stopwatch to time themselves. They reviewed the material and took a quiz afterwards.


  • This activity is great for bodily-kinesthetic, visual, logical-mathematical, and interpersonal students.
  • It encourages students to move around  while learning new concepts.
  • You can even come up with a rhyme in order to memorize the order of the words in the graph.
  • They did have fun!

One thought on ““ICP, Physics, Waves, and Electromagnetic Spectrum! This sounds like fun!” says no one

  1. You created a fantastic tool! I used it with V. in C block and she learned it like that. She loved playin with the cards, mixing them up and working with the chart. It created a visual that led to memory. We need to foster this more in the HS and I am so glad you are with our team!!!


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